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* 99.99% jam-free guarantee
* 100 brightness photo white shade
* Qualified on HP, Indigo, Kodak and NexPress
* Recommended on Xerox iGen machines
* The sizes you need (12 x 18, 18 x 12 and 19 x 13)
* Precision sheeted straight from the mill to reduce trim and misfeed costs
* 28/70 and 32/80 text weights and 60, 80 and 100 cover weights
* Acid-free for added archival quality that extends the life of the document
* Guaranteed to run on small and large offset presses, copiers, laser printers, Ink jet printers and fax machines that use plain paper
* Super bright photo white for excellent image contrast and color reproduction
* Heavier basis weights enable better color registration and provide a more stable surface for heavier toner applications
* Ultra smooth finish provides a superior surface for perfect toner blending and brilliant color
* Used for premium color copies, design proposals, full color presentations, brochures, posters and color photos

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